On the 14th September 2012 all the documents for all the 144 Foundation Trusts were downloaded from the Monitor website. These are the documents that were submitted by the trusts to Monitor and presented to Parliament. In some cases there were more up-to-date versions of the Annual Report on trust’s website and in this case the copy on the trust’s website was used.

These data sources were used to gather information about the intentions of trusts to increase private patient income, and the trusts’ reaction to AQP. These sources were also used to obtain information about the commercial companies (subsidiaries and joint ventures) and the charities associated with each trust. The following pages give tables of the collated data

Trusts expecting to do more private work
Trusts with a private patient unit
Trusts with commercial companies
Trusts concerned over losing work via AQP
Trusts that see AQP as an opportunity
Any Qualified Provider Services

Most of the information comes from the Forward Plan or Annual Report and Accounts obtained from Monitor’s trust directory at:

In some cases the reports provided by Monitor are inadequate (for example they included only partial accounts) and so trust’s websites were consulted for the complete report.

Trusts’ websites were also consulted for information about the private services available.

In some cases it was necessary to obtain board papers. Trust boards meet monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly and they may (or may not) provide the minutes and associated papers on their website. A few trusts do not provide board papers.

Private Healthcare UK was useful in obtaining information about NHS private patient units. The websites of BMI, Ramsay, Spire, and HCA were consulted for details about the NHS services they provide.

The Official Journal of the EU was consulted for existing invitations to tender.

Information about trusts’ charities were obtained from the Charities Commission.

Information about trusts’ subsidiary companies were obtained from

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