University College London Hospital Foundation Trust

UCLH already has a relationship with HCA International which provides their 18 bedded private patient unit, Harley Street at University College Hospital [1]. This unit provides cancer services. The trust also houses the UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre and HCA say that the fifth floor of this centre is “dedicated to private patients” [2]:

The UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre fifth floor is now open and dedicated to private patients, the brand new £100million centre is home to our adult outpatient and day care facilities. Although the focus of the new centre is cancer care we will also be relocating all of our non-cancer outpatient services to this stunning new facility.

There is relatively little in the UCLH board papers about the development of its proton beam unit. Board papers from February 2012 [3] say that the trust uses a property at 170 Tottenham Court Road which will house the proton beam unit:

The fourth floor is currently empty and the fifth and sixth floors are currently being redesigned to create a ‘patient hotel’, as previously reported to the Board. This facility should be available for use during the summer, following which we will reduce our dependency on the use of local hotels. The cost of this new facility will be significantly less than the current arrangements although we anticipate significant increased demand from patients when the new Cancer Centre opens (and again in the future if we develop Proton Beam Therapy).

In the May board papers [4] the proton beam therapy unit is mentioned, and it is interesting that the issue raised by the trust is the NHS tariff for the treatments with this facility:

The Board will be aware that the Secretary of State for Health has announced a capital allocation of £250m towards the cost of establishing two Proton Beam Therapy units, one at UCLH and the other in Manchester. There are a number of significant financial details that need to be resolved, not only on the nature of the capital allocation, but also guarantees on patient activity and the PBT tariff. We will continue to discuss these important details in parallel with the preparation of an outline business case which we plan to bring to the Board of Directors in June.

In contrast to The Christie, UCLH does not mention using the new proton beam unit to treat private patients. This is in spite (or maybe, because) of UCLH, like The Christie, having a business relationship with HCA.

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