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Criterion Description
Population The size of the population covered by this trust
Beds Number of beds in all hospitals run by the trust
Income Total income
Comprehensive Surplus Operating surplus adjusted for finance costs and revaluation
Operating Surplus Difference between operating income and expenditure
EBITDA Earnings before impairments, tax, depreciation or amortisation. As a % of income or cash
PPI Cap Private patient income cap
PPI Private patient income
Public Members Non-unique (compared to other FTs) public members

Each Foundation Trust profile is preceded with a summary table listing comparison criteria.

Income £35,789m
Comprehensive Surplus £745m
Operating Surplus £1,213m
PPI £304m
Public Members 1,330,318

This financial data was taken from the Consolidated Accounts 2011/12 [1] on Monitor’s website. The figure for public members is the aggregate of the figures for all foundation trusts listed in this document. An individual may be a member of several FTs so 1.3m is not the number of individuals who are members of trusts.

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