Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Population 400,000
Beds 841
Income £246,979k
Comprehensive Surplus £382k
Operating Surplus £10,266k
PPI Cap 0.7%
PPI £1,818k
Public Members 11,234

In 2011/12 the trust was still under review due to previous breaches to the terms of its authorisation. In addition, the trust received a qualified audit certificate from their external auditors [1]:

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – this relates to the intervention by Monitor in November 2009 following a significant breach of the terms of authorisation as a result of serious concerns around patient safety and experience. The trust remained in significant breach during 2011/12.

The trust expects to increase private patient activity once the PPI cap is removed [2].

Private patient income to remain within the Private Patient Cap and plans to be developed for subsequent implementation if the Cap is removed or relaxed. Review contract with Ramsey Healthcare until cap removed.

The trust’s private patient unit is called the Orwell Cardiothoracic Unit and is run by Ramsay [3]:

The Orwell Private Cardiothoracic Unit is a leading private patient facility situated within the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre located within the grounds of Basildon University Hospital. This private unit is a dedicated facility managed and staffed by Ramsay Health Care. The unit opened in May 2008 and currently has eight single rooms with ensuite facilties. The Orwell Private Cardiothoracic Unit is staffed with dedicated Ramsay Health Care staff and offers a high level of hotel services.

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