Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Population 900,000
Beds 263
Income £218,575k
Comprehensive Surplus £2,690k
Operating Surplus £5,333k
PPI Cap 1.5%
Public Members 5,394

The trust have outsourced a rehabilitation facility to The Priory [1]:

BHFT contracted with the Priory Group to design, build and operate a new residential rehabilitation facility, which is due to open on 1st June 2012. The contract value is £2.7m per annum for 24 people.

The Forward Plan [2] says that it will lose income due to AQP:

NHS Berkshire is extending patient choice during 2012 by offering some audiology services and podiatry services through the Any Qualified Provider initiative. Audiology services will be offered from September 2012, and podiatry services in the autumn 2012. BHFT is mitigating the potential loss of business by focussing on enhancing service quality, and patient outcomes and satisfaction levels. The Trust will also apply for AQP status to offer services in new geographical areas where the Trust can offer high quality accessible services with minimal risk.

The Forward Plan says that it hosts a company called Pro-Cure which it says “is not sustainable”:

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust also hosts Pro-Cure, which offers procurement services. The organisation’s management team has concluded that Pro-Cure is not sustainable in its current form in the medium-term due to the plans of a number of acute customers to enter into a new type of procurement arrangement. Pro-Cure is there therefore seeking a partner for the future.

However, the Pro-Cure [3] website is more optimistic:

PRO-CURE is the main NHS provider of commercial services across South Central. It has experienced significant growth since it was established as the region’s Collaborative Procurement Hub in April 2006.

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