Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Population 360,000
Beds 420
Income £146,230k
Comprehensive Surplus (£5,370k)
Operating Surplus (£1,909k)
EBITDA £6.383k
PPI Cap 3.3%
PPI £1,765k
Public Members 7,223

In 2011/12 Monitor found the trust in breach of the terms of its authorisation [1]:

The decision is based on risks identified by Monitor. In particular, the Trust has significant financial problems caused by its income being below planned levels. The Trust has failed to reduce costs to compensate for lower income, and Monitor is concerned about the Board’s ability to deliver a recovery plan. Monitor also has concerns regarding the standard of Board governance, with particular focus on Board scrutiny and holding the executives to account for delivery of plans.

The trust’s website [2] indicates that it provides physiotherapy for private patients and has a private patient unit “on the floor above ward 20” in Queens DGH:

Burton Clinic is a private patient facility located within the hospital on the floor above ward 20.

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[1] www.monitor-nhsft.gov.uk/home/news-events-and-publications/latest-press-releases/press-release-archive/2011/monitor-finds-bur

[2] www.burtonhospitals.nhs.uk/private/index.asp