Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Population 458,271
Beds 943
Income £617,338k
Comprehensive Surplus (£2,457k)
Operating Surplus £10,170k
PPI Cap 2.0%
PPI £5,160k
Public Members 7,334

In 2011/12 the trust had financial problems but avoided breaching the terms of its authorisation [1]:

the trust reported that it did not succeed in identifying the required savings it needed to achieve a balanced budget and meet its targeted financial risk rating. The trust reported that it was called by Monitor to a formal escalation meeting in September 2011 to determine if it was in significant breach of its terms of authorisation and that following the submission of a financial recovery plan and an action plan to address concerns regarding financial performance and governance, Monitor determined that the trust was not in significant breach of its terms of authorisation.

In its Annual Report [2] the trust indicates that it intends to have a “mutual relationship” with Circle:

Circle took over the franchise to operate Hinchingbrooke Hospital with effect from 01 February 2012. CUH has identified a number of areas of mutual interest and initiated discussions with Circle with the objective of securing a strong and sustainable future for Hinchingbrooke, while simultaneously addressing a number of key issues for CUH itself.

This is echoed in the Forward Plan [3] where the trust say that one of its goals is:

Developing a mutually beneficial relationship with Circle Health, with CUH providing and/or supporting a number of services either on the Hinchingbrooke site or CUH campus.

The ambiguity of where the joint services will be delivered show that the trust regards the relationship with Circle to be more important than the actual services.

In its Annual report the trust also describes its ambitious plans for a biomedical campus:

Space has been identified within our master plan and 2020 Vision for the development of an education centre, private hospital and hotel/conference centre; the development known as the Forum. Following discussions with a potential philanthropic partner, a new OJEU procurement process has been put in place to identify suitable commercial partners with whom to collaborate and progress the development.

(At the time of writing the OJEU advert has not yet appeared.)

The trust is looking for a partner in the delivery of pathology:

During 2011/12 CUH has been in the process of finalising key commercial and legal terms to facilitate the award of a contract for a strategic pathology partner during the first half of 2012. This partner will deliver a comprehensive managed equipment service and invest in creating additional capacity as necessary, while working jointly with a new NHS joint venture being established in response to the East of England SHA Transforming Pathology Project to exploit business, research and development and training and education opportunities in what is becoming a competitive environment for pathology services. This joint venture anticipates winning a sizeable proportion of GP direct access testing within the region, leading in all probability to the consolidation of pathology services across a number of hospital sites. CUH intends to work closely with our NHS and commercial partners to ensure we are in a strong position to respond positively to this opportunity.

The Annual Accounts notes the trust’s commercial company, Campus Media Solutions Limited:

The Trust holds two shares in Campus Media Solutions Limited, which is a joint venture established with a commercial partner in order to maximise advertising revenue both within the Trust and externally. David R Smith (Executive Director of Finance) and Ruth Murphy (Director of Communications) are executive directors of Campus Media Solutions Limited. Their capacity is purely to represent the Trusts interests, with no personal benefits. Campus Media Solutions Limited had no transactions as at 31 March 2012.

The trust has a private cardiology unit [4][5] called the Cambridge Heart Clinic:

The Cambridge Heart Clinic is a brand new private patient cardiology centre located within Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Our aim is to provide first-class independent healthcare for patients in a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment. We put our patients first, and everything we do is with the purpose of making you feel valued and special. We want you to enter the Cambridge Heart Clinic knowing that you are entering a safe, friendly and caring environment. And we want you to leave knowing that you have had a patient experience of the highest quality.

The trust’s website list private genetic testing [6] and audiology [7] on its website.