East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

Population 720,500
Beds 1,165
Income £490,341k
Comprehensive Surplus £7,246k
Operating Surplus £17,023k
PPI Cap 0.7%
PPI £2,329k
Public Members 10,054

In March 2008 the trust purchased the company that owned and ran the 22 bed private hospital which sits in the grounds of Margate Hospital. This hospital is known as the Spencer Wing. The trust claim that the facility is beneficial to the trust by providing a Comprehensive Surplus to the trust to be spent on NHS patients; to provide extra capacity for the trust to enable it to achieve the 18 week RTT target for NHS patients and to support consultant recruitment by providing a local facility for their private practice. [1] The trust says that the work load is split evenly between private patients, self payers and NHS patients.

In its Forward Plan [2] the trust says that it wants to expand its private work, and to do this it will:

Provide marketing support for increase private patient provision

It also has plans to use

targeted marketing initiatives

The trust also says it will try to increase its NHS work, and to do this it will

Provide marketing support for repatriation of services from London

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