Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

Population 212,000
Beds 500
Income £189,116k
Comprehensive Surplus £6,459k
Operating Surplus £9,436k
EBITDA £9600k
PPI Cap 0.3%
PPI £413k
Public Members 11,681

In its Forward Plan [1] the trust expresses concerns over AQP:

However, expansion of the market and commissioning reforms via the Health and Social Care Act has created an environment where choice, competition and contestability are also key concerns. This is now clearly reflected in the Trust’s high level priorities.

The trust expresses a concern of:

extension of the market and introduction of Any Qualified Provider with no guarantee of activity and income


implications of commissioning reform including working alongside independent providers in the patient pathway

The trust says that it will have to adapt to the new environment:

The commercial development priority will focus the Trust on how we work with commissioners to develop our income potential and how we gear the organisation to work within the expanding market environment.

The trust says that it expects a small rise in private patient work:

Additional private patient income has been assumed in 2012/13 due to the change in legislation allowing Foundation Trusts to increase the proportion of private income they generate, although this is not expected to take effect until quarter 2. Smaller increases have also been assumed in 2013/14 and 2014/15. Overall, the proportion of private patient income is not expected to exceed 1%.

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