Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Population 247,000
Beds 500
Income £243,677k
Comprehensive Surplus £3,057k
Operating Surplus £8,611k
EBITDA £15,600k
PPI Cap 0.3%
PPI £588k
Public Members 6,819

Homerton provider fertility services for self-pay patients. Confusingly it offers two types of private services [1]:

We currently offer NHS funded care in two ways. The first is where the funding for your treatment and eligibility has been agreed by your Primary Care Trust (PCT). […]

The second way is self-funded care. This is where you may choose to fund your own treatment if you do not meet the eligibility criteria for NHS funded treatment or do not want to wait for NHS funding to become available. Self-funding patients are seen for treatment in NHS clinics by doctors and nurses who are on duty at the time of their appointment. As with all NHS patients, if you wish to be self-funding you will still need to have been referred by either your GP or a hospital in order to be seen.

In addition, Homerton offers a fertility service to private patients and expressly identifies the two-tiered aspect of the service:

We will soon be able to offer a service to private patients. The difference between self-funding (NHS) care and personalised (private) patient care is that the latter will offer the patient exclusive single consultant-led care.  The patient can choose the consultant she wants to be treated by and meet that consultant for the initial appointment and subsequent treatment.  The patient will also have a designated nurse. The other key difference is that patients opting for this personalised care will not necessarily need a GP or hospital referral and can refer themselves directly to the Fertility Centre for treatment.

Private patients will be seen mainly at Spire Roding Hospital but may have some of their treatment at Homerton Hospital. This is possible through an understanding between Homerton and Spire Roding Hospital which will be up and running shortly. The price list will be available in due course on our website. Please feel free to make inquiries via the Homerton Fertility Centre administration team.

The trust sees AQP as an opportunity. In its Forward Plan [2] the trust says that an objective is:

To grow the organisation through a planned and strategic approach to increasing referrals and establishing new services, so that we are confident we are the right size for the future.

And they say that:

our aspiration is to capitalise on the opportunities presented by AQP, recognising that this also presents us with a risk to manage in respect of existing services

However, they also say that there are threats from other competitiors:

The establishment of Barts Health: The merged organisation will significantly impact the provision of healthcare to the population of North East London and potentially lead to changes in commissioning behaviour

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[1] www.homerton.nhs.uk/our-services/fertility-centre/funding-your-treatment/
[2] www.monitor-nhsft.gov.uk/sites/all/modules/fckeditor/plugins/ktbrowser/_openTKFile.php?id=11691