Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Population 591,000
Beds 908
Income £628,615k
Comprehensive Surplus (£509k)
Operating Surplus £21,021k
PPI Cap 2.6%
PPI £16,882k
Public Members 4,255

King’s has its own private patient unit called the Guthrie Wing [1].

Based in London, King’s International is the private patient service of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and most of the private facilities are housed in the beautiful Art Deco building, called the Guthrie Wing.

Most private patients are accommodated in the beautiful Art Deco Guthrie Wing; however, if you require very specialised services you may be accommodated elsewhere within the hospital. For example, all children are looked after in specialist children’s wards.

The Forward Plan [2] says that it will pursue more private patient income:

The identification of new income streams including increased private patient work, taking advantage of the relaxation of the Private Patient Income cap.

It says that one reason for this is “income diversification”:

Income diversification is a key strategic opportunity, and we are developing our Private Patient and Commercial services.

The trust also says that it needs to increase its capacity so that it can treat more private patients:

The Trust needs to expand capacity to create additional beds and theatres in order … to increase private patient capacity.

In 2011 the trust paid £1.919m to refurbish their private patient wards [3].

King’s is part of the planned £145 million King’s Health Integrated Cancer Centre [4] which is a collaboration between Guy’s and King’s. The ICC will have a private patients ward [5].

The trust presents itself as a thrusting commercial organisation. The Annual Report [6] says:

KCH Commercial Services Limited, the company established to oversee our commercial operations, has now been in operation for 5 years. During that time, the first of the operating companies, Agnentis Limited, has continued to grow. It has expanded its product range to include software solutions specially configured for use in the NHS. Trading conditions have been difficult for GSTS Pathology, a venture between King’s, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and Serco plc. due to the slow pace of pathology consolidation. The partners agreed a new business plan in December 2011 which will return the venture to an operating surplus within the next two years. King’s Management Limited was established to pursue commercial opportunities in overseas markets and has been successful in acquiring business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The Annual Accounts show that GSTS Pathology LLP made a loss of £816k in 2011/12 on an income of £21.9m (the trust owns a third of this joint venture).

The Forward Plan has the following section:

8.1 Commercial Activities

Kings first adopted a commercial strategy following licensing as a Foundation Trust in 2007 when a holding company, KCH Commercial Services was established, together with the first subsidiary company, Agnentis Limited. The original scope was limited to leveraging the benefit from the investment in Patient Level costing. Since 2007 there have been a number of changes including the establishment of a new Commercial Services team. The current commercial strategy is framed around a number of discrete sectors where there is considered to be commercial opportunity:

Ÿ Information systems
Ÿ Private patients
Ÿ Outsource services
Ÿ Overseas opportunities
Ÿ Other IP development and commercial trials

It is intended that over the period of this plan KCH Commercial Services will seek to maximise opportunities within these sectors.

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[3] p7 Enc 2.4, Board Papers, 1 May 2012,
[5] £145m cancer care revolution