Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Population 2,800,000
Beds 147
Income £102,545k
Comprehensive Surplus £1,407k
Operating Surplus £2,201k
PPI Cap 5.2%
PPI £2,990k
Public Members 10,057

The trust has a private patient unit called the Maple Suite [1]:

Our private patient facilities are located on the Maple Suite (previously known as Audrey Leigh) at LHCH.

The Annual Report [2] says that the trust has invested in its private patient unit:

During the 2011/12 financial year, the total capital investment in improving the hospital facilities was £8m. £2.68m was spent on estates improvements, including upgrading the Maple Suite Private Patients facility, refurbishing the operating theatres, and a new 10 bed extension to Cedar Ward.

The Forward Plan [3] says that it hopes to grow its private patient business:

The Trust has also identified opportunities for the growth of some of its existing services for patients outside of the Northern region and for private patients which the Board will be exploring in 2012/13.

And it says:

However the Trust’s vision is to maximise market share, particularly within the community and to continue the recent successes seen in private patient activity

The Annual Report says that the private patient unit underperformed by £0.4m in 2011/12.

The Annual Report says that it is creating a commercial joint venture called the Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine and Science:

A significant development taken forward in 2011/12 has been the creation of a Commercial Joint Venture between ourselves, Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and Imperial College London in forming the Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine and Science (ICMS). It is a fairly unique and innovative partnership in the NHS that will further the Board’s ambitions to grow our reputation for excellence, quality and safety through our research work.

The Forward Plan lists the competitive threats as:

There are 2 main areas of competition the Trust has been addressing over the past 12 -24 months:

  1. The Welsh repatriation agenda
  2. The risk of DGHs taking forward ambitions to grow local cardiology services – PCI and Devices in particular.

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