Liverpool Womens NHS Foundation Trust

Population 900,000
Beds 285
Income £94,364k
Comprehensive Surplus £3,427k
Operating Surplus £4,876k
PPI Cap 1.8%
PPI £1,415k
Public Members 10,491

The trust has a private patient unit called the Catharine Suite [1].

The Catharine Suite is Liverpool Women’s private patient unit. It features two consultation rooms, a treatment room and seven individual en-suite rooms superbly decorated and equipped to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The Annual Report [2] says that it expects more private work:

Development of private patient services; following the passing of the Health and Social Care Bill the Trust will now scope the potential to introduce paid for services to supplement NHS services provided

The Forward Plan [3] lists its competitors as:

Increasingly the Trust is aware of the competitive threat from Independent Midwives (One 2 One midwifery) who have established community based low risk services on the Wirral supported by the local commissioners.


our reproductive medicine service is in direct competition with other NHS providers based in Manchester and with other private providers locally, regionally and nationally.

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[3] In contrast to most trusts, the Forward Plan available on the Monitor website omits the appendices that list risks, CIPs and financial commentary. A Freedom of Information request for these appendices was rejected in tthe grounds of “disclosure would, or would be likely to, prejudice the Trust’s commercial interests”