Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Population 300,000
Beds 615
Income £220,552k
Comprehensive Surplus £4,578k
Operating Surplus £4,760k
PPI Cap 1.8%
PPI £1,550k
Public Members 10,581

The trust has a private patient unit called the Cobham Clinic [1]:

The Cobham Clinic provides care for private patients and many of the Trust’s consultants hold sessions here.

The Clinic has thirteen en-suite bedrooms together with two outpatient consulting rooms and a treatment room.  Patients benefit from the reassurance of knowing that the full range of hospital facilities is available if required.

Additionally there are three private children’s rooms located on Hedgehog Ward and two private maternity rooms with en-suite facilities located in the Women and Children’s unit.

The Annual Report [2] says that the trust is intended to have more private patients:

We achieved accreditation status for provision of specialist bariatric surgery as a result of a successful tender with South Central in 2011 making us one of the largest UK centres. A private bariatric service has also been established at the L&D’s Cobham Clinic.


Obesity Services – We will further expand our Bariatric Surgery service, further enhancing our market leadership position, and expand the regional services currently provided at our National Obesity Research Centre with additional NHS capacity and a new on-site private bariatric surgery service.

In the Forward Plan [3], the trust says:

There are major financial challenges within the local health economy.

And it says that there is likely to be little growth:

In the short term, the opportunity for growth from competition is probably outweighed by the risks from commissioner initiatives but in the longer term the Trust’s geography, status as an FT and current service portfolio will allow it to benefit from consolidation pressures.

However, it does plan to increase private patient work through the:

Establishment of Fertility Service at L&D for both NHS and private patients

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