Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Population 980,000
Beds 951
Income £387,812k
Comprehensive Surplus £31,394k
Operating Surplus £40,052k
EBITDA 10.1%
PPI Cap 1.6%
PPI £2,901k
Public Members 15,953

The trust has a 20 bed private patient unit called the Cringleford Ward [1]:

We offer both in-patient treatment facilities with our 20-room private Cringleford Ward and also Private Out-patient clinics.

The Forward Plan [2] says that the trust has a “very significant relationship with SERCo”:

As yet competition in Norfolk has been limited due to the relative geographical isolation and the absence of major population centres which make significant capital investment unattractive to new market entrants. We have a very significant strategic relationship with SERCo and have bid in partnership with them and will continue to do so when appropriate opportunities present themselves. We have also formed a relationship with a diagnostic service provider with a view similarly to ensuring that we have a good commercial partner as opportunities arise.

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