Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Population 320,000
Beds 520
Income £239,904k
Comprehensive Surplus £5,360k
Operating Surplus £7,968k
PPI Cap 5.0%
PPI £6,174k
Public Members 10,391

The trust offers private services in radiotherapy[1], hearing aids[2], obstetrics[3] and it offers amenity rooms for payment.

In the Annual Report[4] (and also the Forward Plan[5]) the trust identifies as a principal risk:

Aggressive competition for Cancer services from neighbouring Cancer Centres and/or private providers.

In terms of DGH services, in the Forward Plan the trust says that it does not see competitive threats:

The Trust has an excellent relationship with local GPs, and does not expect to see a significant competitive threat arising in its core catchment from other acute trusts

But it then goes on to identify a possible threat from Virgin:

The acquisition of Surrey Community Health by Virgin does offer some potential competitive threat (as well as collaborative opportunity). The Trust will seek to manage this by building high quality relationships with the new management team, and working productively with them in the context of the Locality Transformation Board

The trust says that it expects to expand its own services:

The Trust has identified opportunities itself to expand market share in the Cobham/Leatherhad/Dorking area, and to the south of the recently opened Hindhead Tunnel

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