Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Population 220,000
Beds 728
Income £393,626k
Comprehensive Surplus (£16,248k)
Operating Surplus (£8,222k)
PPI Cap 0.5%
PPI £1,046k
Public Members 14,216

The Annual Report[1] says that the trust is looking to increase its private patients business:

A joint Management Board has been established with the Christie Trust to oversee ongoing collaboration between the Trust’s [sic]. The Board will review operational issues including activity, patient experience, clinical outcomes and risks and strategic plans for proposed service developments and commissioning plans. Development of private patient services will also be reviewed by this board.

The Dermatology strategy in the Annual Report (and the Forward Plan[2]) talks about joint working with the private sector, and increasing private patients:

In developing the Dermatology Strategy in 2011/12 some general principles were agreed as outlined in the Directors report. In 2012/13 the Strategy will be further developed and implemented including:

  • Defining catchment and service models
  • Implementing Outpatient improvement
  • Align service with Research and Development activity
  • Responding to tenders as they arise
  • Pursue the opportunities of partnership working with the private sector / charities
  • Identifying the dermatology private provider market within Greater Manchester and potential opportunities
  • Develop a private patient service delivery model
  • Developing the MOH’s service
  • Piloting of telemedicine

The Forward Plan also says:

Development of private patient services will also be reviewed by this board.

The trust is looking to exploit AQP:

Shifts in referrals to the private sector have stabilised and the impact of Any Willing Provider [sic] and Tendering activity is monitored closely, the Trust having agreed criteria for pursuing such opportunities.

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