Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Population 418,000
Beds 600
Income £252,823k
Comprehensive Surplus £4,080k
Operating Surplus £12,293k
PPI Cap 0.2%
PPI £162k
Public Members 20,818

The trust’s website [1] says it “actively welcomes private patients”, and it indicates that it wishes to extend its private patient services:

King’s Mill Hospital actively welcomes private patients.

We offer a range of surgical, medical and diagnostic procedures for the consideration of private patients. As a Foundation Trust, we can provide our private patients with procedures which are not available under the NHS, although there are at the present some restrictions in place on the amount we can do in any year. Plans are being drafted to extend this private patients’ service to more fully meet the needs of any patients who may be in a position to choose this option.

In the Forward Plan [2] the trust outlines significant issues over competition:

Whilst we currently attract 67% of the secondary admissions from our two closest local commissioning groups, during 2011/12, 19.2% market share from our core market, representing total potential additional annual revenue of £22.6m, was delivered by our closest competitors (Nottingham University Hospitals and by the Nottingham ISTC).

The trust is very pessimistic about the effect of competition in the future:

We recognise that we operate in a market with diminishing income, falling tariff prices, and strong local competition from providers who have a lower cost base and arguably a better capability or USP. Whilst there remain further opportunities to increase our market share for elective activity, continuing to grow revenue and margin from elective services will be extremely challenging, particularly where it is dependent upon taking market share from competitors who have identical ambitions and either better capability and/or stronger commissioner’s support to succeed.

The trust is looking to “identify alternative uses for our PFI assets”:

Explore Op Co/Prop. Co. Models – including evaluate benefits and risks. Consider different application of model for assets used for mandatory services, as opposed to other appropriate health care related services provided from the PFI

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