South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Population 300,000
Beds 500
Income £219,408k
Comprehensive Surplus (£18,011k)
Operating Surplus (£7,358k)
EBITDA £15,500
PPI Cap 0.6%
PPI £523k
Public Members 14,877

The trust offers private treatment, and it offers amenity beds at a cost of £106 per nigh t[1].

In the Forward Plan [2] the trust says that there is little competition in the area:

There is comparatively little competition in the local healthcare market for acute care, principally reflecting the geographically dispersed nature of the South West, the consequently limited uptake of patient choice and a small market for private provision, we will continue to build on this success and our ‘leading edge’ reputation for health and social care integration.

The trust says that it is looking towards acquiring a local Foundation Trust:

In recent days, the Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust have resolved not to pursue NHS Foundation Trust status, preferring to seek a partner organisation of sufficient size and standing to ensure that their success in integrating community health and adult social care is maintained and further developed. We believe that South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is the natural partner and will actively pursue this opportunity in the coming months.

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