Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Population 350,000
Beds 628
Income £239,391k
Comprehensive Surplus £5,062k
Operating Surplus £6,502k
PPI Cap 1.6%
PPI £1,548k
Public Members 11,025

The trust has a private patient unit called Parkside [1] within Musgrove Park Hospital:

Parkside has twelve single bedrooms, each with spacious en suite facilities, bedside telephones with in and out direct dial, a TV with satellite and a bedside nurse call system.

The Unit is furnished in a quality hotel style, and this comfortable environment, combined with excellence of clinical care makes Parkside the essential choice for private patients in Somerset.

The Annual Report [2] says:

The Trust also formed a joint venture with Yeovil Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and iPP to create Southwest Pathology Services which will improve quality and efficiency of the pathology service the Trust provides for its patients.

The Annual Report says that in 2011/12 it invested money in

Improvements to the Trust’s Parkside Private Patient Facility,

The unit is based in the Trust’s Musgrove Hospital and its website [3] says:

If you are admitted to Musgrove as an emergency, or are planning an admission electively, you may wish to consider using the facilities Parkside offers, during your admission.

The trust also uses the unit for NHS patients when it needs the capacity to meet the NHS waiting targets. The Forward Plan[4] notes problems meeting targets:

Whilst maintaining the 90% RTT standard, the Trust was not able to meet the 23 week standard for two quarters. Additional capacity was commissioned to reduce the backlog of long waiters during quarter 4.

The trust’s strategy to increase capacity includes reliance on other providers:

The Trust will invest in increasing capacity in spinal surgery to respond to the higher demand. This will be achieved through remodelling the orthopaedic service and a consequent small reduction in less complex work, using available capacity in other providers to undertake this strategic switch.

The trust is neutral about the impact of AQP:

The extension of patient choice through the “Any Qualified Provider” programme could encourage new market entrants in the area served by the Trust. This could reduce elective referrals and income to the Trust, leading to a more complex case mix and financial risks to maintain the current range of clinical services. The Trust will continue to undertake market analysis on all referral patterns to identify the impact of competition.

The trust says that it will increase its private patient income in 2012/13:

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 provides the Trust with greater scope to generate private income, although does require an increase in the proportion of income of more than 5 per cent to be approved by the Members’ Council. The Trust has reduced its income from private work in previous years, due to the need to convert private beds for NHS use. The Trust has planned for an increase in private income in 2012/13 of around £1m, following the upgrading of its Private Patients Unit, and BUPA accreditation in 2011/12. The Members’ Council has agreed plans for expansion. This support recognises the low market share of private income relative to other private providers active in the market in previous years, and the contribution this income can make in supporting the Trust’s NHS services.

The trust intends to create a joint venture – a limited liability partnership – to provide pathology services:

To establish the South West Pathology LLP in June 2012 as a Joint Venture partnership with Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Integrated Pathology Partnerships Ltd (IPP).

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