The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Population 7,500,000
Beds 204
Income £57,447k
Comprehensive Surplus £3,238k
Operating Surplus £1,812k
PPI Cap 8.5%
PPI £3,545k
Public Members 3,275

The Annual Report [1] says that one ninth of the wards is private:

The hospital has nine inpatient wards including a private patient ward.

The trust’s website indicates that the PPU is called the Ludlow Unit [2]:

The Ludlow Unit is a dedicated private patients unit offering services to patients in need of orthopaedic surgery such as hand, knee, shoulder, hip, spine, foot and ankle surgery

This unit consists of “16 private en-suite rooms”.

The Forward Plan [3] says that the delivery of the financial plan is listed in separate appendices. These appendices are not available on the Monitor website and a Freedom of Information request to Monitor for these appendices was rejected on the grounds that “disclosure of the information would or would be likely to prejudice the exercise by a public authority of its functions”.

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