University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Population 1,028,000
Beds 1,213
Income £586,640k
Comprehensive Surplus (£30,005k)
Operating Surplus (£14,839k)
EBITDA £38,900k
PPI Cap 1.3%
PPI £2,701k
Public Members 11,053

The Annual Report [1] indicates that the trust created a trading company: ‘Pharmacy@QEHB Limited’ (07547768,) on 4 July 2011 and this provides the Outpatients Dispensary service. In addition the trust has a dormant subsidiary called ‘Birmingham Systems (Healthcare) Ltd’ (7136767), and an investment of 12% in a dormant company called ‘Sapere Systems Limited’ (7171338).

The Forward Plan [2] indicates that:

International links are being developed with Saudi Arabia and Oman to deliver medical education and training programmes at UHB for their doctors and nurses.

The Forward Plan says that Pharmacy@QEHB Limited would be developed and it would develop private patient services:

strategic and operational plans these include work with: development of private patient services

The financial strategy in 2012/13 includes “planned increases in private patient income” and

Key Task 15.4: Identify opportunities to increase private patient income focussing on high end tertiary activity

The February 2012 Board Minutes [3] noted that the rise in private patient work was hoped to be from Middle Eastern patients:

There was a discussion regarding the fall in private patient income. It was expected that the new tomotherapy unit would act as a differentiator and that private patient radiotherapy unit would increase over the next six months. In addition, there was potential for referrals of patients from the Middle east and there had been recent developments with regard to plastic surgery private patients where there was a preference for procedures being undertaken in an environment offering support of an NHS facility. This might extend ti other specialities in time. Careful work was being undertaken with regard to the promotion of such activity.

However, subsequent board papers show that the planned increase did not happen.

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