Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Population 400,000
Beds 917
Income £284,117k
Comprehensive Surplus £895k
Operating Surplus £6,794k
EBITDA £15,100k
PPI Cap 0.8%
PPI £860k
Public Members 8,736

In 2011/12 Monitor found that the trust was in breach of its terms of authorisation [1]:

Monitor is concerned that the Trust’s Board has not addressed breaches of the referral to treatment waiting time (RTT) target quickly or effectively enough.

The trust has a private patient unit called the Park Suite [2] (10 beds):

Park Suite is a private facility at Arrowe Park Hospital in Upton, where a high standard of care is provided in a peaceful and well appointed health care environment.

In the Forward Plan [3], the trust is optimistic about AQP:

The introduction and further roll out of ‘Any Qualified Provider’ contracts nationally, further increases competition locally through offering patients an alternative choice of provider. NHS Wirral and the co-terminus CCGs have embraced AQP as a method of driving quality and improving patient pathways / experience; and as an existing provider of some of the services, the Trust is in a good position to maintain or even increase activity.

It even says that it is an opportunity:

As highlighted earlier, the community based AQP opportunities, not only from our local commissioners but also from other commissioners across the North West, offer the Trust a real chance of growth, particularly where the Trust has a particular strength; however this must be balanced against the risk of zero based activity contracts.

The trust does outline the threats of AQP:

There is however a risk that where the trust cannot respond to the changing expectations or another provider is able to offer a better service for the same tariff the Trust may lose business. This is particularly problematic with AQP contracts as the DH have been explicit that staff rights under TUPE do not apply to AQP’s which are ‘zero based’ contracts, leaving the Trust with the liability for the staff if the activity transfers to another provider.

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