Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

Population 300,000
Beds 616
Income £246,000k
Comprehensive Surplus £2,904k
Operating Surplus £7,631k
PPI Cap 2.1%
PPI £2,334k
Public Members 6,339

The Annual Report [1] says that the trust has a 19 bedded private patient unit at Wrightington Hospital called the John Charnley Wing [2].

In the Forward Plan [3] the trust indicates that it is losing market share to private providers, and it comments that AQP could make this worse

These figures demonstrate that the Trust’s actual percentage share of the market has decreased [in 2011], analysis carried out by the Trust indicates that market share has been lost to other providers, predominately this has been to private sector providers, who have been able to offer shorter waiting times. The introduction of the any qualified provider system is likely to lead to an increase in competition for elective services; therefore effective marketing of services and ensuring low waiting times will be critical success factors for the organisation.

The Forward Plan indicates that the trust wants to replace this PPU with a new private patient unit:

Establish a new Private Patient Unit (PPU) on the Wrightington site

The schedule given is:

April – June 2012 Start of competitive dialogue
July 2012 Submission of tenders
September 2012 Evaluation of tenders
October 2012 Preferred bidder appointed
November 2012 Trust Board approval
December 2012 Contract awarded
April 2013 Start construction of PPU (Estimated date, maybe [sic] subject to change)
April 2014 PPU Opens (Estimated date, maybe [sic] subject to change)

The trust advertised for a private partner via OJEU [4] in September 2011

Via this procurement exercise Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust is seeking a suitably experienced and qualified organisation who would wish to enter into a partnership with the Trust to develop a private sports injury service, to develop, construct and manage new private patient facilities and to maximise its private patient business. The scope of the arrangement may extend to the management by the partner of all the Trust’s private patient activity.

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