Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Population 185,000
Beds 383
Income £109,077k
Comprehensive Surplus £590k
Operating Surplus £2,429k
EBITDA £6,600k
PPI Cap 3.7%
PPI £2,570k
Public Members 8,159

The Annual report [1] says that there is a private patient unit [2] at the trust:

YDH has a private patients’ facility, the Kingston Wing, which offers 14 single en-suite rooms.

The trust provides a private service of occupational therapists visiting the patient at home after treatment [3]:

During their admission, the Occupational Therapist will visit them, arrange the hire of any necessary equipment and carry out a washing and dressing assessment. Should the patient feel that they would benefit from a home visit where the OT will assess their home and identify any areas that could be improved to aid their recovery, then we will be more than happy to arrange this. The cost is £153 per home visit.

The trust also provides amenity beds for NHS patients for payment [4]:

We are pleased to offer amenity beds on the Kingston Wing. An amenity bed is available to NHS patients who wish to pay for the privacy of a single en-suite room whilst their treatment remains on the NHS.

The Annual Report indicates that the trust already has joint ventures:

We will develop new income generating services which do not increase the overall cost to the NHS, or are from new sources outside the NHS, to support our core NHS services. Examples of successful initiatives so far include the provision of community pharmacy services across a wider geographic area, and working with Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust to form a joint venture with a private partner to provide pathology services across Somerset.

The joint venture is described as:

YDH also set up a joint venture with Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and a private company, iPP, to provide pathology services across the county from a new laboratory in Taunton. Its position close to the M5 means that there is great potential to provide these services to other areas in the South West.

The trust also has a joint venture with Boots:

In the private sector, we successfully bid with Boots to provide pharmacy services to 25 community sites in Dorset, including community hospitals, mental health units and prisons. We developed an innovative service model which made the best use of the hospital pharmacy team’s skills and the network of Boots branches throughout the area. Feedback about the new service has been excellent.

The Annual Report indicates that it will increase private work, saying that its future strategy includes:

Hosting a broader range of integrated services provided by ourselves and partners: NHS, private, voluntary sector

The Forward Plan [5] indicates that the trust will increase private patient income:

Plans are in place to increase the private patient income from £2.6 million in 2011/12 to £2.9 million by 2014/15 by improved marketing and developing new services.

The Forward Plan gives as one of its milestones in 2012/13:

Secure commercial partner for private service provision

The trust advertised in OJEU [6] for a partner to provide ophthalmic services with an option to do private patient work:

Provision of a service contract to support Ophthalmology Services at Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Ophthalmologist services. To develop a new service model to deliver a modern high quality, cost effective, commercially competitive and a sustainable ophthalmology service for the health community of East Somerset and surrounding areas. The Trust has on average, 1,500 day case procedures (majority of these are Cateracts[sic]) 4,000 new outpatient attendances and 1,650 follow up outpatient attendances per year. The Trust currently employees nurses to provide a range of nurse led services and staff grade doctors to support the consultant led service. Prospective suppliers are asked to consider providing paediatric ophthalmology as well as a paediatric orthoptist service. The Trust has day theatre facilities, outpatient facilities and a laser room. There is an expectation that a new will be able to work in a flexible way across Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and South Petherton Sites and service provision will not solely be during traditional monday to friday hours. There is an option for private patient work.

In the Annual Report the trust lists competition as a threat:

The major threats to YDH relate to the scale of the financial challenge and the pace at which the structural changes will come into effect. Greater competition from existing NHS and private sector organisations, but also from new ones, could result in a loss of income and in a time of limited resource we need to ensure we remain the provider of choice.

In the Forward Plan the trust indicates that it wishes to reduce the number of services it provides, in terms of Yoevil Hospital; it says:

The Trust will look to develop a small range of exemplar services to be offered over a wider geographical area.

And in general it says:

Only services that can continue to be delivered to a high quality will be maintained as part of the service provision of the Trust.

Further, it says:

The financial contribution of each service will be maximised.

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